10 Ways to Involve Dad in the Wedding-Planning Process

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27 bride with her father nikki cole 10 Ways to Involve Dad in the Wedding Planning Process
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Every year, GigMasters takes a survey of engaged couples, and over the years, we’ve noticed a great trend — more grooms are saying they expect to be involved in wedding planning or even take the lead in the planning process. But the same can’t be said for other male members of the family. Many fathers of the bride or groom excuse themselves from wedding conversations and decisions; other dads might want to be involved but don’t know how to break into the wedding plans, especially when so many things still seem to be marked “women only.”

Weddings have a way of highlighting and exacerbating existing family dynamics. Dads who feel excluded from wedding plans may come to feel like they are only wanted for their checkbooks. This can be especially true if the father already feels left out because of divorce. Brides and grooms whose fathers don’t want to be involved, or who can’t figure out how to be involved, may be resentful if Dad isn’t paying attention to the wedding. Again, this can be made worse if there’s already family tension.

So, what’s the solution? How do you get dad involved? Every father is different, so the solution is going to be different for every dad, but we’ve got 10 ideas for you to try.

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