4 Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Honeymoon

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Are you hoping to drown yourself in love and delicious California cuisine in wine country? Looking to escape to New York to find the beauty in the urban jungle and each other? Maybe you're setting out to sea or have designs for the ultimate romantic trip to Paris. No matter where you're headed after the wedding, you'll want to keep fights at bay. See four common travel pitfalls that every newlywed faces and solutions to help you avoid them now!

honeymoon horrors 4 Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Honeymoon
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1. Overexposure

The risk: Even if you live together, a romantic getaway means more quality time than you're used to — which is the whole point! Still, spending every waking minute with each other could lead to petty bickering.

The resolution: Consider activities you can each do on your own. Maybe you want to take a yoga class, while your significant other plays golf. Or, spend the morning exploring the local shops, while your partner heads to the gym. If you know friends in the area, plan to get a drink with them one night before dinner just to mix things up.

The reward: You'll appreciate your time together even more.

2. High Sex-pectations

The risk: Whether on a honeymoon or a trip to celebrate an anniversary, couples can feel the pressure to perform between the sheets. If it's not happening more than usual, resentment or discontent can build.

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