5 Wedding Ideas We’re Loving Right Now

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kristen esoteric events 5 Wedding Ideas Were Loving Right Now
Guest Blogger: Kristin Alexander
Kristin Alexander is the founder of Los Angeles based event planning studio Esoteric Events. By combining her passion for design and celebrations, years of experience planning and executing events, and desire to turn her clients’ dreams into a reality, Kristin has an innate ability to produce discerning personal events that enchant, surprise and delight.

Your summer wedding should echo the romance, vibrancy and elegance of the season. Enchant your guests and leave a lasting impression by incorporating these five trends into your special day. 

1. Welcome Boxes

Shower your guests with appreciation by giving them luxury one-of-a-kind welcome boxes. This fresh take on a traditional gesture is sure to make an impact. Choose a personalized box or basket over a conventional bag; they are easier to fill, arrange and deliver. Fill your box with flowers, wine, snacks, sentimental notes and wedding weekend information for your guests to enjoy. 

welcome box 5 Wedding Ideas Were Loving Right Now
Photo Credit: Carmen Santorelli Studios

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