A truly India Wedding – Gujarati Wedding in Baroda ( India )

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default A truly India Wedding   Gujarati Wedding in Baroda ( India )

We kick-start our very first wedding assignment for 2011 in Baroda, Gujarat India last week with our Sydney-based couple, Kanav and Disha. It was a wonderful…
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25 Responses to “A truly India Wedding – Gujarati Wedding in Baroda ( India )”
  1. Sid de Leon says:

    A truly Indian (Gujarati) Wedding Part 8b

    A truly India Wedding – Gujarati Wedding in Baroda ( India )

  2. JemYuri Seoul says:

    Tum Jo Aaye is one of my favourite songs from a Bollywood film which I
    haven’t heard in a long while! Lovely wedding, the groom is handsome x

  3. Jay Umaretiya says:

    The happiness in environment can be feel even through the computer screen !
    Its lots and lots better than to see wedding in drama ! thank you to shoot
    and upload the great treasure of happiness !

  4. Raj Kumar says:

    Very nice

  5. ود عسيري says:

    زي الافلام

  6. Doodle Studio says:

    Hi Jon, you may drop us an email at emmaline@doodlestudio.my. thx

  7. Interfacemediastudio says:

    Nice work!

  8. emperorsvd says:

    1st song – Tum Jo Aaye from movie ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ 2nd Yamla
    Pagla Deewana …

  9. Navneet Thakur says:

    Nice wedding

  10. phuong0504 says:

    I think I deeply fall in love with India and the rich culture here.

  11. Mike Hits says:

    that guy is really lucky

  12. bollygirl289 says:

    Loved the video & a beautiful wedding!!! I’m getting married in Baroda in
    July, where can I get the photographer’s contact info? Would love to get a
    video similar to this!

  13. Amalia Safiee says:

    I’m not an indian. but i love watching hindi movies and especially the
    wedding concepts. I wanna experience this too!! =D

  14. anneXX47 says:

    wow!!,, i luv indian wedding its so nice,,best wishes to them,,

  15. ann kikani says:

    so cute!! loved all songs n videography..

  16. missartist123 says:

    ok Johnny Raincloud. -_-

  17. Keval Savani says:

    its from “One upon time in Mumbai”

  18. DevilzDontCry says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time and
    started jumping around to the tune like a retard lol :D

  19. jon11790 says:

    congratulations bro…… i loved video…… can i have video grapher’s
    contact information?

  20. ceofancrab says:

    I love this video>> congratulation happiness always..

  21. missartist123 says:

    ok Johnny Raincloud. -_-

  22. SuperOhio17 says:

    aww…congratulations(: you guys look so cute together!

  23. Aminah Farah J says:

    woww!!! you all really have fun!! amazing!!!

  24. laangle81 says:

    hey can i have studio number because i m getting married in 17th jan. i
    feel like u did good job in video n photography … so i need some more
    details about ur studio… because i havn’t decide any photographer or for
    video too… plz reply me asap… thnxs, liza amin

  25. NSVadgama says:

    Wonderful day , but the brides father has his heart ripped out.

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