A Wedding Planner Salary – Pricing Your Services as a Flat Fee

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default A Wedding Planner Salary   Pricing Your Services as a Flat Fee

weddingandeventinstitute.com/courses/ How much does a Wedding Planner cost? We help you to understand how a wedding planner charges. Pricing your services as…
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6 Responses to “A Wedding Planner Salary – Pricing Your Services as a Flat Fee”
  1. WEI - The Wedding and Event Institute says:

    Do you want to become a Wedding Planner? Our video series looks at Pricing
    Your Services as a Wedding Planner. http://www.weddingandeventinstitute.com

    If you’re looking for a career in the wedding industry we offer
    certification courses in wedding planning, event planning, wedding design
    and event decor as well as room and ceiling draping with our course
    partners IWED.

  2. MichaelsTheManKOP says:

    Not planning to be a Wedding planner ! Still waiting to be a bride sorry my
    bad ! But thanks for the info in the video dear heart ! SMILES :D <3

  3. halua khan says:

    came here for the lady…………she looks awesome …

  4. WeddingDJBusiness says:

    You broke that down nicely so it was very easy to understand. Agree with
    you about fixed pricing it is very inflexible for both client and owner.
    Most people now seem to want incentives to get them to commit.

  5. TheWeddingInstitute says:

    That’s exactly what we find too. I guess different formats work for
    different people. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Sandy Hammer says:

    Don’t forget to show off all the free products event planners can use, also
    free for brides and venues AllSeated a great tool for floor plans, guest
    lists and seating arrangements totally FREE happy to discuss more..S

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