Adorable Flower Proposal at Bonnaroo Music Festival

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One Bonnaroo music festival-goer received the surprise of a lifetime when her boyfriend popped the question among friends and strangers at the yearly event in Manchester, Tennessee last weekend. 

John Ferreira wanted to propose to his girlfriend Catherine Mauro in a creative way and after the couple shared an amazing experience at the festival last year, he knew Bonnaroo was the right place to do it. He told HuffPost Weddings, "It's one of the few places on earth where you can just remain in the moment instead of worrying about work or bills. There is just an overall sense of freedom there, it's just magical."

After six months of planning, some help from friends he met on Reddit, and dozens of multi-color flowers, Ferreira orchestrated this adorable proposal. Check out the video below!

Ferreira handed out notecards with a flower to people at the festival filling them in on his plan and asking them to hand the flowers to girlfriend. 

proposal idea with flower Adorable Flower Proposal at Bonnaroo Music Festival

One-by-one people began walking up to Mauro and handing her the pretty blooms. She was so confused and distracted by the flowers that she didn't even notice Ferreira was down on one knee behind her.

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