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default Certificate Wedding Planning Online Course

Courses For Success offers opportunities to learn in a range of areas and is trusted by many thousands of students. We have over 500 online courses at consis…
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Through its continuing education classes, the University of Texas Pan American is offering an event planner certification at its UTPA Teaching Site, in McAll…
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One Response to “Certificate Wedding Planning Online Course”
  1. Shadia Makaeil says:

    so… i am feeling that this is an ultimate scam. course for success had an
    offer which i found on groupon which was a real wow the wedding planning
    course which was prices at 799$ was being offered at 29$. it got me all
    excited. everyone sees me working in this field since with all my
    experiences (florist, makeup artist, hairs stylist, I’ve done the
    bonbonniers which my special nack at wrapping as a service to some of the
    brides that walked into the flower shop and i already have a various list
    of vendors) even if i knew this course wouldn’t sky rocket my carrer i
    figured that it would atleast give me a base.

    FORGET IT. I signed up using my voucher as payment and after 24hrs didn’t
    get my log in information. So far i’ve called 6 times in the past week to
    get a call back from a “technician” and i got nothing. iv contacted their
    facebook admin who basically told me to check my junk mail and when i said
    that i have and there is nothing there didnt reply to me and iv sent a
    request for a call back through the website. NOW DOESNT THIS FEEL LIKE A
    I am extremely frustrated and cant even believe that this online
    institution has even been able to manage for this long. Its coming off to
    me as a complete JOKE!

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