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OPEN FOR MORE INFO*** We are a young family from Somerset just making memories of our days and enjoying life! Follow our journey icon smile DAY IN THE LIFE: CHORES & STRESSFUL WEDDING PLANNING! OUR SURPRISE PREGNANCY…

Laura Bray shows us how she creates this fabric-covered binder that will keep brides organized while they’re planning the most important event of their lives.


  1. Nicola LifeThroughMyEyes says:

    Just do what you and warren want. It’s your wedding! Other people should be
    happy whatever you choose because you have picked it and it’s what you
    want. Don’t try to please everyone as each and every person will have
    different opinions and you won’t get anywhere. Do what you guys want! There
    will always be someone that isn’t happy just don’t let that person be you
    guys. Everyone else will come round and if not then they can’t care that
    much about you guys. Weddings make families crazy and everyone thinks they
    need a say but in the end it isn’t there big day. It’s yours x

  2. Katie&Baby says:

    Love this vlog! Where did you got that personalized book from hun xxx

  3. Kerry Lovebump says:

    Aaah I loved this Kerry! Sienna is so incredibly sweet and speaks so well!
    I really miss mine being that little :( xx 

  4. Amy Tinker says:

    I really hope that you make your wedding what you want. As much as people
    will have an opinion (and they will… on everything) it is YOUR (and
    Warrens) day, and it has to be something that reflects what you both want
    and reflects you as a couple. The day will not stick in anyone elses mind
    as much as it does in yours. Please don’t change what you have your heart
    set on because of anyone else! However, it is your day, and if you want to
    make sure everyone is happy and that is what is important to you then go
    for that too! You will only get married once, so make sure it is the day
    you really want! – Also love the personalised book… soo cute!

  5. 2.2 Children And A Dog says:

    Your wedding is all about the both of you…..your choice where and when to
    get married, what colour scheme and no one else’s. Sod what other people
    want!! Our reception is a fair bit away from the church, we were worried
    about the distance but at the end of the day it’s a beautiful place, it’s a
    great price and it’s just what we wanted. Don’t do something to make other
    people happy or to just keep the peace, do it because you want it!! x

  6. Jen JbBoutique says:

    Wedding planning is hard but try not to get stressed. I keep trying to
    please everyone else but I have decided that I’m being silly and someone
    will always have something to say. Do what’s best for you and your family
    xxx ps the Chinese looked amazing lol xxxx

  7. PinkGlitterBubbles00 says:

    Congrats on winning! You put great work into your blogging/vlogging so you
    deserve it! Just wondering what brand is Sienna’s dollhouse in her room
    beside her bed? Do you/she like it? I’m thinking of getting my 2 year old
    and 4 year old a doll house for Christmas. 

  8. EmilyJack andIndiana says:

    I wouldn’t worry about others, wherever you book they will come as they
    will want to be part of your special day! We’ve probably upset people by
    not giving plus ones, but at the end of the day it saves us money, and I’ll
    know everyone in the pictures haha xx

  9. Becca Brand says:

    It’s YOUR wedding! Get married where you and Warren will be happy!! I love
    watching your videos. And listening to Sienna talk. She’s adorable!

  10. Jess Hill says:

    I know I say this in every video of yours but her speech is crazy good,
    she’s such a sweetie! And your wrap looked so yummy!! :) x

  11. Alice Kelly says:

    Your wedding is all about you two. Don’t let other people make you change
    your plans. We had family try and influence our day and I just said either
    you come or you don’t, it won’t ruin my day. X

  12. Emily Borthwick says:

    Ever since I discovered your channel I am obsessed! Favourite youtuber!
    Love emily from Nottingham x

  13. Geordie For Sure says:

    Haha I love how confused Sienna is when she wakes up from her nap! She’s so
    funny :) xxx

  14. 1stubble says:

    Awesome speed cleaning and workout!

  15. Kathryn Jackson says:

    I love Cindy but her guest today, not so much.

  16. Jamie Tomkins says:

    Great video from +Laura Bray 

  17. JTGDesign says:

    Great info from +Laura Bray Love it!

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