DIY Notebook cover, my student planner, + school supplies haul

December 12, 2014 by  
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7 Responses to “DIY Notebook cover, my student planner, + school supplies haul”
  1. MsBtrendy says:


    Spice up your planner or notebook with affordable material! Also a few cute
    school supplies that will stand out from the rest. :) 

  2. Anna Diaz says:

    You have so much creativity, I swear your so much better than some you
    tubers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

  3. xxxcherrysakuraxxx says:

    Cute idea brandy! :) love how it turned out. 

  4. tonieann reid says:

    I love this

  5. Panda Meow says:

    can you do a study tips video?

  6. Jasmine says:


  7. imani caves says:

    3rd comment

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