DIY Wedding Planning – not alone

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18 Responses to “DIY Wedding Planning – not alone”
  1. Alanna Wong says:

    Awesome tips!! Thank you for sharing! <3

  2. Adrian C Solomon says:

    Thanks Fabiola! I still get nervous, so that is the best compliment!

  3. Monika Hoyt says:

    I just love the DIY with help concept. It’s a great balance. Wonderful!

  4. Nathalie Rollin says:

    I’m not getting married but wish I did. Awesome tips!!

  5. DenaLynnLive says:

    Great advice Adrian!

  6. fabiola murphy says:

    Adrian! You are so good on video!

  7. Marcela Wall says:

    DIY is a fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!

  8. Adrian C Solomon says:

    Most brides love to have their Fiancee help with stuff!

  9. Matthew Ritchey says:

    I won’t be planning my wedding I’m sure (the Bride has first right of
    refusal, correct?) but I will have to interject your tips when I see the
    opportunity :)

  10. Sean Dye says:

    The world is a better place with you here! I could not do what you do!!!
    You are great!!!

  11. Njeri Thubei says:

    Great tips Adrian and great video!

  12. Cindy Sutton says:

    Great tips I especially love the emphasis on taking the time to ask friend
    and family for recommendations. I always ask for recommendation especially
    for very important occasions. Thanks Adrian

  13. Jalyn Burns says:

    Great video! You’re a natural!

  14. A.M. Williams says:

    Great info Adrian! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Adrian C Solomon says:

    Wow, Sean! You made me tear up! Thanks!

  16. Heidi Hoven says:

    Great advice Adrian! It makes total sense!

  17. Rahab1020 says:

    Loved your ideas! Your ring looks different. Did you do a video already?
    Did I miss it?

  18. michael mottlau says:

    I love your videos! You look really happy at the end. Good for you and your
    nice boyfriend! I wish you both all the best in your wedding plannings.
    Your really organized and looking forward to your wedding. 

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