Erin Condren Let’s Talk… Notebooks: 7×9 Notebook

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Filed under Wedding Planning Video Personalized On-the-go Notebook Doodle your thoughts, your dreams, your lists…use it as a journal if you wish. Take it to board …

Plum Softolio in junior size.
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26 Responses to “Erin Condren Let’s Talk… Notebooks: 7×9 Notebook”
  1. Jenny Olatunji says:

    Loved the Spiral Notebook vid, enter me! 

  2. Abby Smith says:

    Ive had mine for a few weeks<3 I am in love with it <3

  3. Cici Rodrgz says:

    It’s great that the calendar is detached, but IF i wanted the monthly
    spread to be included and attached in my notebook can that still be done?

  4. OrganizedMommyChaos says:

    i just ordered mine! Excited to add it to my ECLP but I wish the calender
    still came bound into the book!

  5. Erica Fields says:

    The notebook speaks prayer journal to me. 

  6. OWLFamilyof4 says:

    Sign up using my code to get $10 off your order!!

  7. Karol Luna says:

    Sorry Erin. But I HATE the interchangeable covers. I HAD to order a third
    cover today the cover do not last They constantly pop off and the teeth
    that hold on to the wires bend and almost break off. I wish it would Have
    been an option to have a non interchangeable cover. :-/ 

  8. Delia Demaida says:

    so I want to 0rder the notebook , But I understand it does not come with
    the calendar any more so do I have to order it separate now ?

  9. Lips&Lashes says:

    Erin, I love your Life Planner & and the extra features. But it’s too big
    for me to carry around in my small purse. Not all ladies likes to carry big
    purses. Can you make something half the size smaller with the same features
    as the full size Life Planner?

  10. A Mohd says:

    I ordered my planner and I just love it but I wish you have smaller size
    planner that I could carry with me all the time 

  11. Heather C says:

    I just bought this a couple weeks ago. I was so surprised how thin it was,
    especially compared to my life planner. I was hoping for more than 77
    pages. =

  12. calebandamyjo says:

    Potential customers: please note this DOES NOT come with the calendar. It
    was “while supplies last” even though this video makes it sound as if they
    all come with them. They NO LONGER DO. 

  13. Brand New Amy says:

    Received mine today and did not get the removable calendar. Very confused
    as I was under the impression that this was included. If it was additional,
    I did not see it as an add-on. I even went back through and looked again.
    Bummer. :( 

  14. Kristina Tull says:

    1st time customers can sing up and save 10$ off any EC product!!

  15. Lunnsdesigns says:

    I love my planner and the notebook is so cute. You can use my link to get
    and get $10 off your first purchase. Just click and create an account.
    After that you will be emailed a link to get $10 off your first planner.
    Have fun!!!

  16. Mikia Cotter says:

    Yes! This is what I need. I just don’t use the weekly in the life planner.
    Cannot wait!

  17. Molly Hatch says:

    First time customers can get $10 off with my link!!

  18. Naomi Bailey says:

    I don’t see the removable monthly calendar as an accessory option like the
    perpetual calendar. Would LOVE to see this happen

  19. Jenna Cedillo says:

    1st time customers use my link for $10 off any EC product!

  20. Donatella Manucci says:

    I’m your no1fan love it

  21. Celia Romero says:

    Ready to buy ur notebook or anything else then click on my link if ur a 1st
    time customer and sign up to save $10 off..

  22. Tee Taliferio says:

    Looks like a delightful change from our ring friends! I haven’t used my
    circa as a planner, therefore, I’m looking forward to learning how it’s
    working for you. And, that cover! What a beauty! Thanks so much for

  23. Jessamyn Miller says:

    I currently use an Arc Jr from Staples and am looking for a nice leather
    binder. This is a beauty! Thank for you sharing. I am def going to put this
    on my list :) 

  24. may12152002 says:

    Pretty.. the leather looks so soft.. Thanks for sharing :) 

  25. mysummertouch says:

    Wow! It looks so luxurious that I even afraid to ask how much is it

  26. jeffrey63031 says:

    That is so pretty and so nice hun.The outside reminds me of papas bible!
    Happy for you. Hugggs Nana 

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