Erin Condren Wedding Planner

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Are you getting married? Are you trying to plan a wedding? Well, this Wedding Planner is just what you are looking for. Check it out, then go to www.erincond…

My favorite wedding things and a giveaway! hit “like” if you want to see more wedding videos, and leave me questions in the com…


28 Responses to “Erin Condren Wedding Planner”
  1. Donatella Manucci says:

    Very nice

  2. Cici Rodrgz says:

    Are the calendars for the wedding planner automatically perpetual? Or did
    you have to chose it? 

  3. Candid Photos of a Lifetime says:
  4. Anne Fraser says:

    nice video

  5. Stacy Thompson says:

    Newly engaged woman here, would you recommend getting your wedding dress
    first or waiting until a wedding date is chosen to decide the dress. I am
    FREAKING out about the details here. I had NO idea as to the detail
    involved into getting married. I love your vids, everything a future bride
    could want! Bloody good job!

  6. Brittany Drake says:

    Does anyone else watch her eyebrows a lot?.. Haha
    Gorgeous though!

  7. WeddingHoopla says:

    You don’t look old enough to get married! You said you’ve been together for
    8 years, so I am guessing you are old enough, but you are so young looking.

  8. Olivia says:

    Etsy! Yay


    Great video. I can’t wait to start making wedding related videos!!

  10. Leviosaa says:

    NOPE the theme is pretty much.. not anything too “wedding-y” or “blinged
    out” and things that I like :) I guess you could say it’s kind of
    vintage… my venue definitely is.

  11. Elisa B ♡ says:


  12. Manjot Kaur says:

    Yay, Long Island photographers! :P

  13. AnonymousGirl1007 says:

    OMG! u look like 18 or something!!! u are so cute and adorable!!! but Thank
    God u are 26 :P ♥ sending love from Venezuela!!

  14. Holly Cumming says:

    I have no idea, sorry! It might just be in Britain. It is just that I heard
    on the news, at the beginning of the year, that people don’t want to get
    married this year, because of the unlucky number 13. A lot of wedding shops
    and venues will reduce prices so that people might change their minds.

  15. beautifullybookish says:

    twennnntyyyyyy siiiiixxxxxx

  16. AnonymousGirl1007 says:

    how old are u!!! u look really young to be engaged!!! :P

  17. Mirja Pouke says:

    is your wedding dress strapless or does it have straps?

  18. InkyPages says:

    Companies here in the U.K. lowered some prices at the end of 2012 to entice
    people for 2013.

  19. beautifullybookish says:

    Twennnnntyyyyyy siiiiiiiiiixxxxxx

  20. Lauren Lanseigne says:

    We definitely have the same views on etsy. I just want everything. All of

  21. rachelracketrocket says:

    I dont think I will get married for years and years and years and yeaaaaars
    to come, so its not like this video is relevant to me directly – but I
    enjoyed watching this. A lot.

  22. Terrance Scott says:

    one word, FOOD!

  23. Glowingreviews90 says:

    Can I just say, I planned my wedding in 2 months! Ya it was crazy, we also
    got married at the end of October. It’s the best time honestly, and it’s
    also best to do it on your own, it’s cheaper and you don’t have to worry
    about too many clashing personalities.

  24. AdorkableLiz77 says:

    Long engagements suck (I was engaged for over two years). It didn’t work
    out thank god :D . But I’m happy for you!

  25. My Wedding Scrapbook says:

    Your wedding sounds amazing! And it’s getting so close! We would really
    love if you could check out our wedding channel and leave us a comment
    letting us know what you think. Thanks so much. :-)

  26. Hanna Elizabeth says:

    Just came across this; you look so much like Bonnie Wright!

  27. serenade98 says:

    mazel tov from your jewish subscriber :p

  28. alyce horan says:

    how old are you?

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