EY Enlists A Wedding Planner

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Eric Young enlists a wedding planner to help make his wedding with ODB picture perfect – but ODB has her own plans. Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday nig…


25 Responses to “EY Enlists A Wedding Planner”
  1. HypnosisV1Games says:

    I love this. PLEASE let Eric and ODB challenge Joe and Magnus. ODB I’m sure
    has no problem with beatin SOME ASS no matter what gender YYEEAHH!!!

  2. pacmanfever100 says:

    Their best skit ever. The wedding planner was the star:)

  3. igotthatpma123 says:

    Is the wedding planner a wrestler

  4. TLCPublicRelations says:

    Not the bright bulb in the bunch…clearly that isn’t her main asset.

  5. Jay Sean Junior says:

    damn those tits…….

  6. Gilbertdu62 says:

    This is NOT Tiffany. She looks a bit like Jaycelle Propst.

  7. rochedoxxx says:

    this is genious

  8. AJStylesClashTNA says:

    Why do i feel like the wedding is not gonna go so well?

  9. Steven5812 says:

    LOL Like a fish needs a damn bicycle. Only Garrett F’n Bischoff is a bigger
    waste of a good TNA contract than Brooke Adams is. If it wasn’t for TARA
    carrying her worthless (but admittedly well upholstered) ass she’d be

  10. Tylamus p says:

    sounds like a bad porno hahahahahaha just had to say it

  11. Jared Jammer says:

    Gilbertdu62 is right, it’s Jaycelle Propst. They look identical, including
    both having peculiar looking mouths. The definitive proof, however, is that
    they both have prominent moles on their left cheeks. It’s hard to see in
    this lower-quality video (it’s slightly visible at 1:24), but it’s very
    noticeable in full-screen, high quality. Further evidence: According to her
    website, Jaycelle resides in Orlando, and was raised in Zimbabwe and South
    Africa, hence the unusual accent. Google away…

  12. Wilson P says:

    HA AH AH HA HA GREAT TiTTY shots in this promo!!

  13. BlackBloodSilence says:

    There was more to Lethal release than was disclosed. Of course a
    termination is business and not public entertainment so we’ll probably
    never know the truth, you don’t push Lethal to the height he was and then
    release him for the sake of it, or cost cutting or whatever.

  14. PhillyOjo says:


  15. mentokthemilfspunker says:

    Is that Tiffany from the WWE as the wedding planner!

  16. dreamcast98 says:

    TNA keep the likes of Young, but release the likes of Jay Lethal

  17. MiniManRoxForever123 says:

    that god dam voice

  18. john bobson says:


  19. MiPiSxc says:

    She looked hotter than ODB but who doesnt….

  20. SuperRyder33 says:

    i would marry ODB 4real she is hot

  21. yoouujiizzz says:

    She was sooooo fucking sexxxeee

  22. Gilbertdu62 says:

    I think the planner is Jaycelle Propst

  23. FreeThinkingGamers says:


  24. ashish pawdel says:

    hahahahahaha…nice story line

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