FEBRUARY LIFE UPDATE! Work, Wedding Plans, Censoring Myself, Youtube Rant & More…. ☮

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15 Responses to “FEBRUARY LIFE UPDATE! Work, Wedding Plans, Censoring Myself, Youtube Rant & More…. ☮”
  1. Meowjuana says:

    I feel the same way, I feel if I heavily edit that it sort of turns it into
    acting and the realness doesn’t come through as much. I love the
    background, looks pretty!

  2. Brittny's Lifestyle says:

    You can freshen your house by using essential oils aka aromatherapy. Not
    only does it get rid of cooking smells, smoke, etc. it also helps lift your
    mood and spirit. My favorite one is Rosemary and you can either use the
    oils in a humidifer, wax warmer , or diffuser 

  3. Swealife says:

    Oh my gash you are so beautiful ♡ You deserve a lot more views! 

  4. Shadajah Powell says:

    Omgaaaa the highlight on your cheek area is insaneeeee. I agree about the
    editing styles . Hahhhaa yea I am ready for warm weather too and yea I
    think most females do not want to deal with the shaving of the legs. tfs

  5. hellochocogirl says:

    where did you get your tapestry from,? its beautiful. :) 

  6. Nijael Mustafa says:

    The background is coming along cozy. I think because of the colors & books.

  7. 4TENpointFive says:

    Are you pregnant?!

  8. 1venusian says:

    Your eyeliner is soooooo nice omg good job

  9. Alyssa Melissa says:

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