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Planning has gone Google. With Google Docs, you can create, share and work on documents with anyone in real-time. Gather input and manage feedback with socia…
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default Go Google: Wedding List

Private Event/Wedding Planner for Plantation Country Club, Jennifer Avise, joins us on Good Morning Idaho to help us plan the perfect summer wedding.
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24 Responses to “Go Google: Wedding List”
  1. Google Enterprise says:

    *Editor’s note**: This guest post comes from Erzsi Gerbner, Enterprise
    Googler, Google Docs user and newlywed. **#HappyValentines*

    I’m not sure what defines a modern bride. Maybe it’s online invitations, a
    candy bar, or going green and DIY. Or maybe it’s the techy magic happening
    behind the scenes.

    I turned to Google Docs to plan my wedding. Everything lived in a Google
    Doc: invitation wording, website content, vendor addresses, seating plans,
    the run of show and more. My fiancé, parents, in-laws and I could share our
    ideas, comment with questions and collaborate in real-time, whenever we had
    the time. Plus, my fiance and I had a secret private Doc where we schemed
    about our song list, making sure our Frank Sinatra first dance would
    surprise all attendees, including family.

    My dependency on Docs came in handy during the wedding, too. After the
    ceremony, I stood by the lake with my new husband and 40 of our relatives,
    waiting to take our family portraits – and realized I’d forgotten to print
    the list of photo combinations. When you get married in the woods, next to
    a lake, you’re more likely to find a rare fern than a printer. Then I
    remembered the list was on Docs. I grabbed my phone, opened the Drive app,
    and voilà – my Doc appeared with detailed instructions. Crisis averted,
    photographs accomplished.

  2. Owen Kane says:

    *The Wedding List -* Google most always brings an element of life into
    their videos!

  3. Michael Kearns says:

    Happy Valentines Day from Google Docs. Go Google: Wedding List

  4. omayma al-ahmadi says:


  5. Aries Asayo says:

    Wedding planning – Google style

  6. Ashlie Chan says:

    “Planning has Gone Google”

    Whether you’re planning a work event or even your big day, you can use
    Google Apps to help you stay organized with Google Docs, Spreadsheets,
    Slides and Drive. Challenge your customers and prospects to use Google Apps
    for 30 days and see how much more efficiently they can collaborate on both
    their big and small projects.

  7. Andrea Schremp says:

    Love it!

  8. Terry Chambers says:

    You know you want to Go Google after seeing this.

  9. Darren Burgess says:

    Funny Google docs advert to start the day :) .

  10. Dennis Gailey says:

    It’s a no brainier and funny!

  11. Kate Smith says:

    This made me laugh! If you haven’t already, make sure you watch it. Go
    Google: Wedding List

  12. Jacob Meyer says:

    The story of a wedding.

  13. Russell Tewksbury says:


  14. Paul Inboriboon says:

    As with any system, be careful who you grant access.

  15. Bilal Orhan says:

    Hahahahaha nice!

  16. LatteCannon says:

    All of Googles ads need to be like this xD

  17. Sasha Koleva says:

    i cant stop laughing at this video, lolz, sorry but wha i am missing?
    Nothing, whatever just an comment.

  18. Mindset says:

    #Planning has #GoneGoogle

  19. Hoda Mahmoud says:

    My always favorite adv

  20. Martin King says:


  21. Sharing says:

    Go Google: Wedding List – YouTube

  22. Aleksandr Burenko says:

    Всем хорошего настроения! :) Очень позитивная реклама Google Drive. :) 

  23. Степан Орос says:

    Прикольное видео о совместной работе над документом “Список приглашенных на
    свадьбу”. Действующие лица жених, невеста и мама невесты. 

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