How to Pull Off a Mixed Gender Bridal Party

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When it comes to your bridal party, the old rules no longer apply. You can have more bridesmaids than groomsmen, and — surprise! — your "maids" can include a few men too. As weddings get less traditional and more personal, having mixed gender bridal parties just makes sense. If you're considering having a mixed-gender bridal party and aren't sure how to make it work for you, read on for our tips.

1. Attire
When it comes to formal wear, we recommend you style each side of the aisle. Traditionally, a couple might put bridesmaids in pink dresses and groomsmen in navy suits and pink ties. In this situation, the guys on the bride's side could wear grey suits with the same pink tie as those on your partner's side, while a woman on your partner's side could wear a navy blue dress that matches the men's suits and a pink scarf or corsage.

Having one color represent each side and choosing slightly different suits or gowns across the aisle will signify which side each person is on, and help your guests identify who's who. In the photo below, bridesmaids are in white dresses and the groomsmaids are wearing chambray.

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