How To Put 5 Notebooks/Inserts in your Midori!

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This video is a how to video on how to put 5 notebooks or inserts into your midori travelers notebook! Sorry I got cut off at the end my phone run out of mem…

default How To Put 5 Notebooks/Inserts in your Midori!

Music and lyrics by Mervyn Warren & David Zippel UPDATE: If any would like to download this song, just ask me in a comment (on this video) and I’d be happy t…
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26 Responses to “How To Put 5 Notebooks/Inserts in your Midori!”
  1. BagsOfLuv says:

    It was very interesting how you put your Midori together. I like the way
    you have it arranged. You are very good this. Thanks for sharing

  2. Daphne E. says:

    Sarah, would you please send me the link? After 3 cancers, near death and
    14 years after my divorce, I am getting married in the south of France to
    my final love of my life in September, 2014. This song I always shared with
    others, now I realize it is my turn. Thank you so much. 

  3. E Robinson says:

    Please send me the link to download the song. Take care, Thank you so

  4. Angelia Turner says:

    Could you please send me a link to download this song….great version!

  5. Beverly Evans says:

    May I please have the like to this?

  6. Yesenia Soto says:

    Could I please have the link?:D I absolutely lovveee this song!!! And I
    couldn’t find it on iTunes): 

  7. StephLBoy says:

    Big fan of Mervyn Warren. Imo this version is SO much better than the Sue
    Ann Carwell one :) 

  8. Normita Herrerra. M says:

    Only you see me….

  9. mernela anez says:


  10. Casandra Roache says:

    please to me

  11. Tracey Ray says:

    Love this song.

  12. rose schoenbaum says:
  13. neuk12388 says:

    I’d love a link to this, please. I loved it in ‘The Wedding Planner’, and
    can’t find it on Spotify or anywhere else. Thanks for including the
    lyrics!! ;-) 

  14. SaVanna Trammell says:

    I would love to have this song for my wedding!! May I have?

  15. Sherrie McCall says:


  16. April Watson says:

    My girlfriend, after surviving 33 years with an awful man, has found the
    man of her dreams. This song would be perfect for their wedding. Please
    send me the link for this, it would complete their day. Thank you.

  17. Joanna E says:

    I love this song, can you please download this song. My daughter is getting
    married in June.
    Thank you

  18. Lanett Ho Ching says:

    My daughter is getting married….reallly would love the download!!! We’ve
    been searching “forever!” for the perfect song…thanks!!!

  19. Zhyaisha Rogers says:

    Could you please send me the download link pleeeeeeease.????? First time
    hearing it and I fell in love with it.. I’d really appreciate it if you
    could. Thanks in advance..!!

  20. Nicole Raines says:

    wanting to use this as the bride entrance song for my wedding :) 

  21. Boon dox says:

    Can you send me the download link please

  22. Mel Lee says:

    Hi I really love this song would love to download. Thank you so much Mel x

  23. John Hinojosa says:

    OK, here’s one for all you sweeties that want to send a special song to the
    love of your life!!!!! And don’t forget to turn on your sound system so you
    can feel the passion (at least some ear buds)!!!!!! Love all you sweeties.
    Have a wonderful day!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  24. Kristi Burgess says:

    Thank you again it’s awesome!!

  25. Shebly17 says:

    I would really appreciate it if you could send me the link to this song! If
    it’s not too much trouble of course! Thanks:)

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