Howard Shore/ Metric Wedding Plans / Eclipse (all yours)

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default Howard Shore/ Metric Wedding Plans / Eclipse (all yours)

So the ceremony’s over and it’s time to show your wedding guests to their seats for your reception. In this episode of Wedding Hauls, Chantelle shares differ…
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7 Responses to “Howard Shore/ Metric Wedding Plans / Eclipse (all yours)”
  1. Leo Valdez says:

    This song reminds me of so many things… I always used to listen to it
    while writing and I was ( and I am) a big fan of the Twilight Saga so for
    me this song is just so emotional! I love it :)

  2. Petter Fjellstedt says:

    Too bad there are several silent minutes, after the end. :(

  3. RYL177744 says:

    the singing starts after sooo long time but i like it!! nicee

  4. Kin Community says:

    Planning a wedding? Don’t let the seating chart stress you out! Stress free
    planning is a video away @MWScrapbook

  5. Art Glass Flowers says:

    Well done. Great videos you guys.

  6. Toni Dundas says:

    Dundas Designs wedding table plans feature in MWS video :) 

  7. My Wedding Scrapbook says:

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