Husband Uses Wedding Photos to Bring His Wife’s Memory Back

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Just one month after getting married, Tunicia Hall woke up in North Shore University Hospital with zero recollection of her wedding. The 43-year-old newlywed thought she had a bad headache, but her prognosis turned out to be far worse: she had suffered a rare brain hemorrhage that had wiped out her short-term memory loss. 

tunicia hall wedding Husband Uses Wedding Photos to Bring His Wifes Memory Back
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Although she recognized who her 50-year-old husband Raleigh was, she couldn't identify her age or even what year it was. In a press conference, the groom confessed, "I felt like I lost her." After two days of waiting and praying that she would recover on her own, he decided that he had to do something — anything — to try and get his wife to remember again. So he covered her room with 1,000 photos from their big day!

"The whole point of putting up the pictures was to connect her with those that love her," Raleigh told ABC News. Gazing at all of the beautiful (but foreign) images on her four walls, Tunicia miraculously began to connect all of the missing pieces. Today, the couple celebrated Tunicia's recovery and their three-month anniversary, with a cake and a live performance of their favorite song. 

"When we came in at the first hospital in the ambulance they said she had a 50-50 chance. I've been able to say that hope happens," Raleigh reveals. His wife chimed in that "With his love and God's grace I'm still here."

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