Japan Animes – fullmetal Alchemist Calendar

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default Japan Animes   fullmetal Alchemist Calendar

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7 Responses to “Japan Animes – fullmetal Alchemist Calendar”
  1. RickyLeumas says:

    Well sorry about that coz we have merged with Inexnine now

  2. Bertram Moshier says:

    Is there a 2013 calendar version? Is the site pipiluv.com still alive? When
    I tried it tonight (several time) I got a DNS error saying the name no
    longer exists.

  3. Bertram Moshier says:

    @RickyLeumas Can you please have the new company continue selling this
    calendar in the future?

  4. RickyLeumas says:

    Hi Bertram, Yes we still take orders for calendar prints and you can see
    the descriptions at the following

  5. RickyLeumas says:

    Betram, you will need to send us an email specifying the additional details
    you need printed on it plus the quantity specified. Min is 10 pcs. Anything
    lower, you might as well print it on your own becoz of cost issues :)
    cheers bro.

  6. Bertram Moshier says:

    and yes, I did use the full URL. For what ever reason, when I wrote the
    above note with triple “w” dot and the rest of the name, Youtube gave me a
    non-descript error message (! Error, try again). I had to work at trying to
    figure out what it didn’t like in the posting. Why can’t the error messages
    be (A) clear / descriptive and what’s wrong with triple “w?” Anyway, bottom
    line is yes, I did try the full URL. BTW, both fail with the same DNS /
    browser failure.

  7. Bertram Moshier says:

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is OUTSTANDING. I wish they’d do more
    anime, movies, calendars, OVA, etc. The Fullmetal Alchemist series (the
    other one using the other world) is GREAT, but Brotherhood is better.

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