Key & Peele – Gay Wedding Advice

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A family unfamiliar with the concept of a same-sex wedding holds a Q&A session with a gay man. Watch more Key & Peele:
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24 Responses to “Key & Peele – Gay Wedding Advice”
  1. BigG99 says:

    I would totally say eewww if I saw 2 men kiss.. its gross. cant help that

  2. WesternRiderGal says:

    Jesus, some of these comments are really upsetting and border line creepy.
    It’s fine to have your own opinion, but if it doesn’t directly affect you,
    then you really shouldn’t try to bombard it with hate. If a man loved a
    man, or a woman loved a woman, so what? It might not be your idea of
    natural, but let’s face it, humans in general are totally out of bounds
    when it comes to nature. We have defied nature by flying when we are not
    built to fly, we destroy everything we touch, we dominate any other species
    in the world, and for the love of god, we have even left the planet, which
    in all respects, is leaving nature entirely. So please, tell me how two
    people of the same gender loving each other is such an issue? If you don’t
    like it, then look away and shut your mouth. You are entitled to your own
    opinion, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to downgrade other human
    beings just because they are different. Love is just love, you guys, and if
    you can’t accept that then it’s just another thing to add to the list of
    fucked up humanity. 

  3. MrNateGate says:

    The aren’t the same, because a gay “union” isn’t a marriage. Nough said…

  4. Japgeko [The a0z.universe Network] says:

    i dunno.. coos coos, skittles
    I cracked up

  5. Misty St Claire says:

    OMG It is sad that society accepts this “bum fucking” as being acceptable.
    What have we become?

  6. JMPIMP254 says:

    Homosexuality is a mental disorder.

  7. Hannibal Zulu says:

    Anal sex is sickening as is anything that involves touching or eating human
    feces. I believe in evolution but some of us aren’t evolving. Some of us
    are devolving; many of us in fact. When your mind becomes desensitized to
    the foulness of human excrement then you have devolved to the level of
    chimpanzees and other monkeys that have no problem with touching stool.
    This applies to heterosexuals who engage in anal sex as well as
    homosexuals. It also applies to people who eat chiterlings. Your mind needs
    to be upgraded to a higher level of consciousness where an internal alarm
    goes off when stool and other foul and filthy substances are in the area;
    as is the case for most human beings. The last time I said this to a
    somdomist he told me that they clean themselves thoroughly. I never heard
    of a man who sticks cleaning agents up into his rectum. Even if men are
    dusching now adays, forensic science teaches us that bodily fluids and
    excrement never totally wash away. Also, pleasure and pain have a tendency
    to leave associative imprints on the human psyche. This means that when we
    experience pleasure and pain, whatever else is present or occurs at that
    time becomes associated in our uncounscious minds with pleasure and pain
    for the rest of our lives. Which means that many sodomists (whether
    secretly or publicly) associate stink and stool with pleasure. If I have to
    embrace a mentality like that in order to be accepted by society, then to
    hell with acceptance. I’d rather be a loner and an outcast.

  8. TstormVA2012 says:

    Key & Peele are FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!

  9. Bob Smith says:

    If my son was gay I’d throw him out of the house.

  10. Jim Philips says:

    If you’ve been invited to a gay wedding, you may not know how you should
    behave there. Key & Peele are here to answer your toughest questions.

  11. Nikki Rael says:

    Truth be told I’ve always had the same questions especially the one about
    gay or straight section

  12. Moja says:

    What a bunch of hateful cunts in this comment section. I’m dissapointed

  13. Malevolent says:

    How far has civilised society declined that these ‘bum fucking’
    relationships are ranked alongside heterosexual marriage by the state?
    Hopefully there will always be some sane countries which preserve the
    sanctity of true matrimony with the Lord’s approval where this perverted
    sexual behavior is not promoted.

  14. Greg X says:

    gay marriage is for CUNTS!

  15. Star Night says:

    So many homophobes. Guys it’s been proven your born gay. Plus your only
    defense is “god says it’s wrong” there’s millions of religions what makes
    your right? There’s more proof of Buddhism than Christianity

  16. Apoelistas1979 says:

    Seriously, why dp some people have to be gay?

  17. AssassinatorScout1 says:

    Im homophobic, im ok :) 

  18. Sylvia Raven says:

    It disgusts me that there are ACTUAL people JUST like this in real life.

  19. Señor Invincible says:

    Key really can pull off any look. 

  20. Greg X says:

    same-sex weddings are disgusting. who wants to be heteronormalized? fuck
    that shit. i would rather live in SIN, bitches. it’s a lot healthier for
    your sex life anyway.

  21. Song Yun-ah says:

    Gay’s are disgusting.

  22. Bret Walton says:

    Fucking queers aren’t even human

  23. Christopher Lamke says:

    *Oh My God! This is Perfect!*

  24. DivaMCFan says:

    Over 400 animal species practice homosexuality…. Get over it, people like
    what they like. Live and let live. Doesn’t affect your life so what’s the

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