MY ROMANTIC WEDDING: Pics, Tips, & Planning

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Finally! This is the first video in my wedding series leading up to the WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS video! To Inquire about the dress or Brooch Bouquet email: mynatur…


25 Responses to “MY ROMANTIC WEDDING: Pics, Tips, & Planning”
  1. lhall991 says:

    Beautiful wedding I love the natural beauty of it all…great idea to post
    this it’s not a lot to look for when it comes to “black wedding” ideas 

  2. Monica Reid says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! And your mom “just amazing…

  3. Linda-Rose M says:

    This is so beautiful!! You are stunning!!

  4. Rayvetta Bryant says:

    Very beautiful! Go mom

  5. Tee Shirey says:

    Hello India, not that you probably didn’t hear this a thousand times, but
    you looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day. God bless you and your
    gorgeous husband. 


    Speechless extremely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. NikkiMoss1 says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You were so organized!!! 

  8. EssEncE OFbeauty says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your
    total wedding budget with me? Im getting married next year and trying to
    keep my cost down…. However I would love something as immaculate as
    this…. Peace and Blessings

  9. 1chocolatequeen says:

    So elegant. & go mommy. Amazing.

  10. Sonia Liciaga says:

    Wow your mom did an amazing job with the dresses and the bouquet! <3

  11. Rosalind Smith says:

    So beautiful. Got a lil teary eyed …cant wait for mine… one day (: Girl
    you was right those coral peach looking dresses look great on our skin tone
    & I loved your bouquet ur mom did a great job. 

  12. reallyme02 says:

    Such a beautiful wedding. Your mom is so talented. Love the brooch bouquet.
    What a unique idea.

  13. Jus Me says:

    Loveeeeeee the reception dress. When I get engaged, I’m going to grow my
    hair out to rock a puff down the aisle. Now all I need to a boyfriend lolol

  14. goodgurl410 says:

    The highlight video says unavailable :( is there anyway u can repost or
    make available

  15. Nobie Smith says:

    Everyone and everything looked beautiful! Thank God for moms…she did an
    awesome job!

  16. nicole fletcher says:

    Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Jennieke Latimore says:

    -I hope one day my wedding is as beautiful as yours. While you are talking
    there is this pretty violin music in the background…who is that? 

  18. Shalanna Blades says:

    Your mom did that!! *2 snaps* Beautiful!!! #Houston

  19. Melisa Mairs says:

    Does Mrs. Highfield still make invitations? I’ve emailed, fb messaged and
    called her and I haven’t heard anything back.

  20. Lotus Bee says:

    A beautiful BLACK couple. Peace to black love. Than you for sharing. Yall r

  21. Anne Fraser says:

    I like the flower bouquets in this video. I too use to take different
    unique ideas from weddingplanningfun. com . It will help you to add fun,
    joy, excitement and make your event memorable.

  22. Christina Curry says:

    Hi India, loved the dress! Matter of fact loved everything. Can you please
    repost your wedding video, im a new subbie an didn’t see it. Thanks

  23. Patrice Alexander says:

    India! Where is your wedding highlights video? Id love to see it please

  24. prettyBrown11 says:

    Did you purchase your engagement dress or was it hand – made ?

  25. Tora G says:


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