Steal-Worthy Ideas from Celeb Bachelorette Parties

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The final weeks of summer may be winding down but if our Instagram accounts are any indication, then bachelorette party season is still heating up. Whether you've been asked to organize a special bride-to-be's party or you're browsing ideas for your fling before the ring, you've come to the right place.

We've rounded up some of our favorite party ideas with a few familiar faces that you may recognize. Stars — they're just like us!

1. Choose a Theme to Tie Everything Together

What do Kelly Clarkson, Holly Madison and Emily Maynard all have in common? They all celebrated their last weeks of singledom by getting into character. Kelly opted for a 1920-inspired adult "tea party" complete with liquor-infused tea; Holly and her besties all dressed up as their favorite Disney princess and played trivia games; and last but not least, Emily and crew poked fun with a "white trash bash" (pink Hummer and trucker hats, anyone?). Choosing a specific theme helps you narrow down the pool of ideas and ties it into the bride's hobbies, inside jokes, or some other personalized element.

Real brides are getting just as creative as the A-list set with themes ranging from Barbie to lingerie to cowgirls and more ►

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