The Big Wedding Budget (part 2) ~ Planning a Wedding | Moments of Love

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The second half of our VERY long wedding budget breakdown. We know it’s a lot of information, but we hope it’s helpful!! Resources: Wedding Budget Template: …
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4 Responses to “The Big Wedding Budget (part 2) ~ Planning a Wedding | Moments of Love”
  1. Angela Tobas says:

    You all could be great public speakers, such memorable reviews, i can tell
    it was a wonderful experience planning your wedding even though some events
    was over budgeted, that’s ok it was your special and most memorable day,
    never to be repeated. and you were absolutely stunning, you and your prince
    charming. love you guys.

  2. Debra Harris says:

    I was interested in your comment about being charged for tasting, I
    remember being surprised that they charged for tasting when I was planning
    my wedding in the UK. The US wedding shows definitely give the impression
    that tasting is free! I ended getting married in Gambia, much cheaper and
    much more beautiful! Wemi, did you watch a lot of wedding shows? I was
    obsessed with them and the magazines! Dave you said that alcohol was much
    cheaper in the US, did you think about going there to get the alcohol or
    would that have worked out just as expensive? I am a bit confused about
    whether you both lived together before you got married because some of your
    vlogs suggested that you did but you have suggested in others that you
    didn’t. PS one more thing Dave, I don’t know why you make negative comments
    about your face, there is nothing wrong with your looks! Anyway
    congratulations on your marriage!

  3. executivprincess says:

    thanks guys and congrats again, lots of love from London!x

  4. Moments of Love says:

    … and part 2!! #wedding #budget #details Did you make it through the
    whole thing? :) 

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