The Wedding Planner – Movie Trailer

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Filed under Wedding Planning Video Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is a hyper-organized, eternally single wedding planner. Her life becomes complicated when she falls down in traffic…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


18 Responses to “The Wedding Planner – Movie Trailer”
  1. hawaiidispenser says:

    “Mose and I rented a movie about a Latina wedding planner with a big, fat
    ass…” -Dwight Schrute

  2. TobiMusik1 says:

    @OneTrueEmotion äh sry but iam not so good in english^^

  3. RageGaming FireRockerzStudio says:

    this is a good movie

  4. Kelsey Mendez says:

    Mary…….. Will you marry me?

  5. DumpLilGirl says:

    Luv this movie =D

  6. Mshiningstars says:

    I feel so late that I just watched this movie now!! But I also wish that
    this movie was like made this generation so Matthew who plays Steve didn’t
    look so old now.. Haha he was so cute in this movie!

  7. matmicmj says:

    do you want to keep him ???

  8. Dianne Gilbertson says:

    Great Movie I always enjoy Jennifer Lopez in her movies.

  9. TobiMusik1 says:

    nice movie have seen him today

  10. TheZingating says:

    I just want to watch this movie. I hve watched this three times but i just
    want to watch it. PLEASE … :D x

  11. matmicmj says:

    Revelation 21:8 ..

  12. Nadine S. says:

    Wer guckt den Film auch grade auf RTL || :D D

  13. madara uchiha says:

    she a goooooooooood actress !! singer !! love her she’s perfect

  14. ladygagalover383 says:


  15. TobiMusik1 says:

    @OneTrueEmotion achso naja mary und steve sind halt am ende zusammen mary
    hatt ja fast den anderen typen den ihr vater ausgesucht hatt geheiratet da
    der sie aber liebt und gemerkt hatt das sie unglücklich sein würde mit ihm
    hatt er sie nicht geheiratet. und steve hatt mit seiner frau kurz vor der
    heirat gesprochen und dan haben die beiden festgestellt das sie nicht
    zusammen passen und haben sich freundschaftlich getrennt……. also happy
    end ^^( das ist so grob das was am ende passiert ist)

  16. Collector2006 says:

    @gameshow1992 It gives away a lot about the movie. The climax, the end,
    pretty much summarizes the whole movie giving away everything important.
    Technically you don’t need to see the movie if you watched the trailer.
    Fill in the blanks, and u watched it in 2 minutes and 33 seconds :)

  17. Timothy Samuel says:

    @Collector2006 What do you mean?

  18. Collector2006 says:

    this trailer ruins the movie lol

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