This Father-Daughter Dance Demonstrates the Power of True Love

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Laura Wilson's wedding dance with her father has truly touched our hearts, and we're not alone: Over 350,000 people across the world have shared it on Facebook.

The bride abandoned the dream wedding she had planned and decided to get married a week earlier, instead, at the UCI Medical Center in Orange, California. That way, her dad, David Haliburton Wilson — who suffered from a rare form of cancer — could give her away from his hospital bed.

After she and her fiancé Robert Pantoja were proclaimed as husband and wife, she asked her father if he would share a special dance with her to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." Undeterred by the fact that he was unable to lift himself up out of bed, Laura encouraged him to use just his hands, instead. Watch their incredibly moving display of affection, here:


Sadly, David lost his battle on September 2 but his legacy lives on as a doting father to his kids. CBS Local News Los Angeles reports that his last words to his son-in-law, Robert, were "Rob, you’re the lucky one. You won the lottery; you got my baby girl."

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