Vlog #3- The Wedding Party & Decorations | Wedding Planning♥

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8 Responses to “Vlog #3- The Wedding Party & Decorations | Wedding Planning♥”
  1. SparklingGlittr says:

    Sooo cute!! So exciting!! :) )

  2. Alyssexoxo says:

    Your wedding is going to be so nice! I want to see tons of pics!

  3. TheBeautyBenefit01 says:

    Your wedding sounds like its going to be so cute!! Congratulations! :) 

  4. RamblingsbyCat says:

    I understand how you feel about bridesmaids. My feeling is that if someone
    is in my wedding party they should be someone important to both of us and
    be a supportive of our relationship. We toyed with the idea of not evening
    having a wedding party. I’m so glad I never had a wedding before pinterest
    was invested..lol. I love the table numbers you guys are making. There

  5. SparklingGlittr says:

    Omg I need to catch up on all my YouTube!! Lol you look gorgeous!!!<33 


    I think that each bridesmaid walking down with two men would be so cute!!!
    I understand the young children walking dow the aisle. My nephew will be
    three which is a bit young but we are having two ring bearers. My fiancé
    nephew will be 10 so I think it might work out okay. OMGosh I think Chris
    marrying you is amazing!!! What a GREAT idea! I found the same thing with
    the rentals. Purchasing them is amazing. I found a super cheap website! Too
    bad you already ordered =/ I found a super cheap birdcage at Michael’s!
    Your table numbers are extremely similar to mine. Well the ones we’re
    thinking of having, they are not set in stone yet. Have a one mockup of
    them. I would LOVE to see a video just for budgeting! Weddings are
    SOOOOOOOOO expensive! Would love to see the save the dates in the next
    video<3 These are my favorite videos! I love them so much. Thanks for
    making them! 

  7. leese910 says:

    I have a co-worker who is getting married in May and she seems all nervous
    about everything…….I can imagine how you are feeling! I am glad you
    keep updating us! xo

  8. being1me says:

    I’d love to know what software was used to create this wonderful vid? I
    like that!

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