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default Wedding DJ Entertainment Floor Planning Help

There are a lot of good & bad floor plans when it comes to maximizing the succsess of a DJ at an event. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.
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Five things that are not so obvious that will help you or any bride prepare for your wedding planning journey. I hope you find them helpful! Please let me kn…


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  1. WetChicken says:

    You won’t be getting my business, your bass sounds horrible. =P

  2. CadillacDisco says:

    For speeches etc, give the head table 2 powered speakers and a couple of
    radio mics.(Radio Mics? yes no cables to trip over)

    You can set up your dj rig anywhere without interrupting the wedding
    planners requirements,

    I have played at weddings where the meals, speeches are in another room,
    these powered speakers in that room will make the DJ’s life a lot easier,
    most powered speakers now a days have an mp3 player built in, play them
    some soft music after the speeches whilst they are getting ready to eat.

    it only takes a few seconds to pack them away, plus they are handy back
    ups for sound failures.

    The DJ usually has no details about the room set up, he has to be ready for
    any situation. and assess the room before even unpacking your van.

    I have visited venues to see what they are like, but once these planners
    get to work everything has changed.
    Hope this helps folks.

  3. Jonathan Brooks says:
  4. SoundsLikeFunNYC says:

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