WEDDING JOURNAL: Wedding stationary | Bella Coco

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I hope you enjoy following along in this exciting journey while I am planning our wedding! Details are below of the fab companies I mention in the video: Your Wedding Countdown Website: www.ywcou.
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7 Responses to “WEDDING JOURNAL: Wedding stationary | Bella Coco”
  1. Leyan Albustami says:

    Congrats u deserve the sweetest

  2. Sprinkleholic says:

    Hope u HV a sweet life with ur love :) 

  3. Erin Sinclair says:

    Good morning :) great info, I used to have a paper addiction
    (scrapbooking). Im going to send this to another couples youtube channel
    that I follow called deermeatfordinner, she is a super cute blond too, they
    are also getting married this year! 

  4. Geraldine Miles says:

    Congrats hun xxd

  5. bunnylover492 452752 says:

    Hope you have a great time

  6. Nemo Hertsler says:

    Congratulations with the great wishes

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