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Whether you are already in the middle of Wedding Planning or haven’t started yet, it’s not to late to create a budget. check out the video and let me know wh…
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12 Responses to “Wedding Planner Budget”
  1. Julie Babcock says:

    Great points! I would much prefer to decide beforehand where I want to
    allocate the money I intend to use rather than wing it and end up short in
    an area important to me. :)

  2. Erik Salmon says:

    This is so true, I often ask clients about budgets and normally they do not
    have one but they know they need them.

  3. Adrian C Solomon says:

    So well said Julie!

  4. Matthew Ritchey says:

    Budgets are overrated! haha You only get married once (hopefully)!!

  5. Alanna Wong says:

    Very important tip!!! Another great video!! Keep up the awesome work,
    Adrian!! <3

  6. Tina Soriano says:

    I know that’s right!! My son and his wife did pretty good. Great video

  7. Shanelle Kunz says:

    Where were you when I was planning my wedding?!

  8. Zina Solomon says:

    Love the video! I asked a person yesterday what they had in their budget.
    It’s crucial to determining whether a collaboration will take place. :)

  9. Nadir Karim says:

    I am planning a wedding right now for November and you are so right. Have a
    budget and stick with it. Where is my share button? Too many people let
    their wedding costs get “out of control”.

  10. Adrian C Solomon says:

    I think I could take all the Wedding references out of this video and it
    would apply to any project we have!

  11. Adrian C Solomon says:

    Thanks Shanelle! I wish I could have been there to help you!

  12. Adrian C Solomon says:

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