Wedding Planning Tips

March 14, 2015 by  
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Just some quick tips and ideas that might help fellow bride to be’s during their wedding planning adventures.


4 Responses to “Wedding Planning Tips”
  1. sarah martins says:

    yes, do a video on how you got engaged, integrated the family etc. How are
    you going to do your hair, it always looks lovely!

  2. DB215 says:

    Big day is approaching! You guys ready? Hope all is well

  3. DB215 says:

    You’re such a doll!

  4. Joann Brown says:

    Good to see your family still going strong.Your little boy is so handsome
    and your little baby girl is so cute. Good tips on the FRUGAL side of
    wedding planning, save that money anyway you can for things that will come
    up in the future. I love saving money, it just makes what ever I’m doing
    more enjoyable.

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