Wedding Planning Tips – Organization & Ideas

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How to Plan A Wedding – Organization & Planning Tips Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment for videos every week! According Blog post: http://pinkparadisebeauty.b…

Save money when planning a wedding by using simple decor, considering a variety of venue locations, utilizing friends with talents and considering a backyard wedding. Make your own wedding…
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4 Responses to “Wedding Planning Tips – Organization & Ideas”
  1. Laura Edwards says:

    Hey Guys, Hope everyone’s having a great week! New Video now live, Wedding
    Organisation & Planning Tips! #wedding #organisation #planning´╗┐

  2. littlepanimausi says:

    @heavenlysausage1 thats one of the worst comments i ever read. how can you
    be so mean? if you don’t like her or her tipps noone is forcing you to
    watch it, just go to another video or use the pretty little X at the top
    right of your window! she is nervous but her tipps are quite good and only
    because you think she isn’t pretty doesn’t mean you can be so horrible to
    her! everybody has their own opinion but try and say things in an
    appropriate and polite manner. and try being constructive,,,

  3. MrAmesj says:

    very good.

  4. girlsandcurls says:

    @littlepanimausi i agree why are some people just so mean, its like they
    have nothing better to do then critisize other people, take a look at your
    own so called “perfect life” !! some people just cant be constructive they
    just are plain mean!!!

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