Wedding Plans + Vegan Trolls

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default Wedding Plans + Vegan Trolls

I am so sorry I haven’t been making more videos lately but Pip and I have been planning our wedding, getting engagement photos done, and enjoying the rest of the time he has in the US! We finally…
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8 Responses to “Wedding Plans + Vegan Trolls”
  1. CarbedUpVegan says:

    Glad to see you’re back! Yeh I’m with you about the trolls, imagine wasting
    all that energy to say negative stuff, they could instead use that energy
    to promote veganism or comment on some meat eaters channel moaning about
    the steak they ate etc! 

  2. Chasing Cornfields says:

    That’s awesome. I hope the process goes well for Pip. I’m guessing you guys
    planing on staying in the U.S. right? Great points’s. BTW that backdrop
    might not be vegan…. :P 

  3. Plant Based Sweethearts says:

    Your hair looks good :) love the style ;) 

  4. RonPaulgirls says:

    1. it’s important to be critical of other vegans so that they can improve
    their diets together that they become more sustainable.
    2. on the other side of it you have seals that just go along to go along,
    with stuff that doesn’t work.
    3. the happyhealthyvegan dummies used to troll me until i cut them both up
    in to little pieces because they can be jerks, but they’re evolving so
    that’s good.
    4. anyway veganism is merely one branch of libertarianism so it has it’s
    limitations anyway, it’s important but it’s not everything.
    5. most people are morons anyway, so it would follow that , most vegans are
    morons, so you can’t expect much from anyone.
    6. there are some very nice people though with nice channels and they’re
    nice, i wouldn’t worry about any of this because people are constantly
    learning and evolving.
    7. i’m not a part of the vegan community, the vegan community is part of my
    movement that i’m developing, so for me to kind of dumb myself down to a
    lower level of consciousness just to agree with people would make no sense.
    8. anyway, it’s real simple, all you have to do with a troll is ask them a
    few questions and if you don’t like the answers then just block and delete

  5. LauraJane Curtis says:

    I’m the girl who subscribed to you through finding you on Twitter!
    Absolutely love you. Gorgeous inside and out :) 

  6. Nigel Ward says:

    Thoroughly entertaining as always. A picture of health. 

  7. VeganRevolution says:

    I agree with this so much.

  8. Vegas Fruity says:

    Love the hair! Great message seriously! 

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