Wedding Vlog | My SAVE THE DATES & Erin Condren Wedding Planner Review!

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default Wedding Vlog | My SAVE THE DATES & Erin Condren Wedding Planner Review!

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default Wedding Vlog | My SAVE THE DATES & Erin Condren Wedding Planner Review!

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50 Responses to “Wedding Vlog | My SAVE THE DATES & Erin Condren Wedding Planner Review!”
  1. Melissa Powers says:

    Love your wedding bell videos! Going to love them even more now that I got
    engaged on Saturday!!! :) 

  2. Kasey K says:

    did she already change her last name to his? noticed on the invite and her
    channel her last name is garza

  3. MakeupbyVanessa13 says:

    Dear person reading this,
    Just wanted to remind you that YOU are beautiful and YOU are special. Don’t
    let anyone else tell you otherwise!
    Great video by the way:)

  4. Adéla Sotonová says:

    Don’t you think that it is to soon to plan the wedding (so much)? I mean
    the dress, decoration, photos etc.

  5. Ashley San Juan says:

    Hi Alex, do you have any vids which talks about your engagement ring in
    detail? I remember in your original engagement vid you said you were
    getting a second one made. Im interested in using morganite myself. Thanks
    Hun, love your vids XX

  6. Malinda Noska says:

    Loved this video!! I know your having a “clear” themed wedding, but what
    color are your bridesmaids dresses and colors of the men’s tux’s?

  7. Sofia Guzman says:

    Love ur wedding videos always like even b4 i see them.


  8. Erin Condren says:

    Hi Alexandrea,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful (and thorough) review of our wedding
    planner… we really appreciate your sweet words and support!

    P.S. We love your channel!

    Happy planning,
    -L.C. (EC Marketing team)

  9. Shelbey Ashburn says:

    I love that pastel purple on you! Also, have I ever told you Michael has a
    pretty last name?! It reminds me of Madeline but with a spin haha It looks
    like you are doing a great job!!!

  10. BatomNumPalheiro says:

    I’m going to marry on june 27th ! OMG! Love this kind of videos !
    Daniela (from Portugal ) <3 

  11. MissCrystal says:

    They look great! Beautiful couple! xo

  12. Sarah Jones says:

    What is on your lips? I’m dying over it! XOXO Sarah

  13. Melissa Parada says:

    LOVE the save the dates! So beautiful xoMelissa

  14. glitterandgroceries says:

    I really enjoy your wedding planning videos. I’m so happy for you!

  15. Nicole Ross says:

    You look stunning in this video!! I love your necklace & sweater!!

  16. Michaela Melander says:

    Flawless! Congrats again Alex! :-) 

  17. ipat314 says:

    I can’t wait to see your wedding dress and wedding day! You are going to be
    gorgeous bride!

  18. sophia storer says:

    Your save the date invitations are so perfect!!!! You look gorgeous as
    always in this video by the way :) 

  19. Terry Lam says:

    I love my edrin condren life planner! I got the foil planner and my kids
    picture printed on another cover. The quality is awesome! I will deft be
    purchasing more..
    I love your picture cover doll! Great video like always.


  20. Shannon Hultgren says:

    Love seeing young christian couples planning weddings, it is always so
    exciting! I am currently planning mine, its handy having my father who is a
    minister and runs a church – planning is so easy aha. All the best
    beautiful xx

  21. Kristin Cooley says:

    Those save the dates are gorgeous!!! xxxxx

  22. GoldSparkels:) says:

    2nd comment ily!!!!

  23. michelle c says:

    I want to send you a Christmas card where do I send it to =) 

  24. Jessica Hunt says:

    I love Minted! That’s where I ordered my wedding invitations and they were
    gorgeous and they completely customized my colors for me. You really do get
    what you pay for with that site

  25. love light and happiness says:

    omg! thats so funny I literally got a minted package for invitation
    templates yesterday in the mail :D they are really good quality! and u get
    10% off if u request a invitation ideas/ template kit (sent for free)

  26. Jordan Foushee says:

    Where did you get that rose gold glitter notebook? 

  27. Rose Manupello says:

    I was on pin right after I watched this and those dresses were the first
    item! Lol still no link tho….

  28. Jesse Esqueda says:

    what brand is your watch??

  29. GorJessGem says:

    Could you please link your iPad case! And thanks a million for this video!

  30. ATay0909 says:

    @alexgarza have you received your real wedding ring yet? And if so what is
    the setting called again. Also I would love to see the one you guys created
    it’s too gorg❤

  31. starletv31 says:

    Hi! Can you tell me what tone is your base and what do you tone your
    balayage with

  32. yanashannon says:

    Alexandrea wear did you get your watch you’re wearing in this video? I
    absolutely love it!

  33. Gianna Licari says:

    How many carats in your ring? :) it’s so fabulous and gorgeous!

  34. Cindy Puentes says:

    omg lol i’m gonna die! I knew wedding planning was a lot but then thinking
    about back p stuff just in case as well phew. I really better get on the

  35. Jenn Cann says:

    Can you please tell me if your ring is style 1006RMO or ABR019767RMO? THANK

  36. smitten kitten says:

    Recently became became engaged and I am so glad I found you! Thanks for
    going into detail about all the little things.. you make everything seem
    less stressful :) happy planning xx

  37. Lalabae98 says:

    Can you do a video on tanning?! Self tanning and what you use when you’re
    tanning outside

  38. Stephanie Helling says:

    Hi Alexandrea! Congratulations on your engagement! I’m actually engaged as
    well, getting married this November, and I have a quick question. How would
    you suggest prepping for a consult with your makeup artist? I am getting my
    makeup done professionally and I am meeting up with my girl in September to
    play around and find my look. I’ve pulled a few pictures to show her but
    would you suggest doing anything else? Thanks so much! I really enjoy your
    videos – keep up the great work!

  39. Erin Key says:

    Really similar dress from etsy:

    You could probably get them customized to look like the picture your
    photographer found. 

  40. IsisDollFace says:

    green looks amazing on you!

  41. Eunjee Lee says:

    where are the bangles that you matched with your watch from? I see that you
    always wear them and they are simply yet pretty! 

  42. Yolanda Rizo says:

    Thanks for the vid! My fiancé and I just got engaged this Friday and this
    really helped me get ideas to get organized! 

  43. Maria Hanje says:

    What kind of planner is that??? Looks very colorful and nice.

  44. Iqra Akram says:

    I’m not getting married for a while but I am definitely going to come back
    for this video. So helpful!x

  45. Madison Klosterman says:

    your hair is perfect

  46. Claudia Lovelace says:

    Great video! Where is the rose gold notebook that you write the questions
    you like in from? Its gorgeous!!

  47. Beauty Talks says:

    I am so happy for you. I also enjoyed all the tips that you shared today!
    You are amazing and SO GORGEOUS! Your skin is glowing!

  48. Britney Patton says:

    What foundation are you wearing? Gorg!

  49. m dela cruz says:

    so i found out the dress you want was custom made but look for a prom dress
    store they have closer styles to this more than a bridesmaid store 

  50. Veronica Flores says:

    Alex, congratulations on your engagement! I also got engaged in March but
    we’re doing a destination wedding in Mexico. Not sure if I can use a lot of
    your tips but I still love your videos!

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