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This is a very brief presentation & screencast on how a user would interact with the Interactive Wedding Availability Calendar from

I’m back with Part 2 where I show you the Project Management side of my new Filofax. I gave an overall tour of the planner as well as an in-depth look at and…
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25 Responses to “ Interactive Wedding Calendar”
  1. Laura Franklin says:

    Asana is a great digital project manager, my work team uses it and it
    really is effective!

  2. Jennifer Davis says:

    Is there a particular location to find the sticky notes in the back of your
    planner, and any local stores that may sell Filofax items? I’m terrible
    with time management and organization being an online PhD student and I
    seriously need help lol

  3. Anaid K.C. says:

    My all time fave JEN video! It was extremely helpful! and so nice to see
    that you have in fact accomplished your goals the year ended. THANK
    YOU!!!! <3 

  4. mrs folkening says:

    Have you tried or are you familiar with the bullet system? If so, could
    you please share your experience. I just love all of your videos. I am a
    new fan and just love all your channels. 

  5. Organized Like Jen says:

    @18doves That’s something I could add to my requests list for sure

  6. Organized Like Jen says:

    @pinstripesandpaisley Ooh you know I have a weakness for Vera Bradley
    stationary and pen items…I’ll have to check it out :)

  7. Organized Like Jen says:

    @PreciselyHolly That’s a great idea! I have too many to fit into the guest
    rooms tho :)

  8. yasjencon says:

    This series was an excellent video. My planner is getting a revamp!

  9. Ale Rosa says:

    Jen, I love your videos!! Can’t wait for your “getting ready for Disney
    World” video!! I’m also going to Disney in a few months, so I’m looking
    forward to your tips on what to pack/bring :)

  10. katerina katerinaki says:

    Please boritai to send me a message to translate because I do not know
    English well because I am Greek please!

  11. MmmCookies says:

    google calendar is awesomeeee :) love the vids!

  12. southerncouponista says:

    Love all of it! I’m getting ready to put together a new notebook (using the
    Arc customizable notebook system from Staples) to get a handle and focus on
    my five main 2012 resolutions. I’ll use it to record my thoughts and how
    things are going with my resolutions. I also thought it would be good to
    make note of things that others have recommended for these areas. I’m
    excited about it. Thanks for inspiring us in so many areas of our lives :)

  13. serenitygirl11 says:

    Your makeup looks very nice in this video:)

  14. PurdyBear1 says:

    PS Filofax can be expensive but check out Ebay as they can be a lot cheaper
    on there. I think if I can ever afford a top of the range Filofax then I
    have arrived and success will be my middle name :)

  15. nicholepat71 says:

    Thanks for the detailed tips for helping the less organized of us! This got
    me thinking how I shoud be more goal oriented and breaking them down so
    they are manageable.

  16. vanillatwilight09 says:

    you are my hero.

  17. Mitchi2103 says:

    I could watch your videos all day long! I would love to be as organized as
    you, I bet it makes everything so much easier…

  18. Imanthepeep says:

    This is excellent, especially how you wrote down in details what are you
    thinking of changing or doing in the craft room. Usually when I reach this
    point I keep the ideas in my head, but from on I will also brainstorm on
    paper:) thanks really for all the tips. Iman

  19. Tammy White says:

    This week, I have been watching your OrganizedLikeJen videos and have been
    so inspired to try to better organize my home and life. Each night I have
    been tackling an area in small chunks to avoid being overwhelmed. I love
    your perspective of project management for my projects around the house,
    rather than just my paying job. I am thinking about filming the process of
    organizing my 2 kitchen junk drawers. Maybe I’ll get the guts to actually
    post it on YouTube. Thank again for inspiring me!

  20. RomanticWoman83 says:

    I use a filofax, personal size, but I’m thinking of buying a Flex A4. Do
    you use flex? What do you think? Thanks

  21. Organized Like Jen says:

    @dreamdesignmom Both requests are in my plans for this year. My favorite
    color is blue.

  22. preservid says:

    I was all about writing and sub cat. etc. But even that seemed to make me
    feel guilty if I didn’t get things done sooooooo, I know have to notebooks
    by my chair, so at night as I write in my daily journal I can also add or
    subtract from my next day “To Do list”….Also these Notebooks get bundled
    together when the month (or 2) is done. I store these in a small chest. The
    to do list are sometimes more fun to reread years later than the journals,
    SO don’t throw those away!. I have 33 years worth

  23. westcoastlife67 says:

    I love your videos. Where did you find your gift wrap organizer in your
    craft room? It looks great!!!

  24. katerina katerinaki says:

    sorry but I did not understand

  25. mooncow0 says:

    Your system sounds great! You’ve inspired me to do something similar for
    all my school work and things. Btw, I’d love to see some school related
    videos, even if they’re just you talking about how you used to organise
    work when you were at school. Thanks and can’t wait for Monday! :)

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