What’s Happening With Our Wedding? (Day 17 of Fall-Log-Mas)

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Is there gonna be a wedding planning update soon? http://www.armtheanimals.com/ Charlie’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/cejudd Buy one of my “Be Nice to Peopl…

Welcome welcome, to a general tour in my midori, showing you whats going on inside the pages of my journal! Instagram http://instagram.com/ravenink Blog www….


42 Responses to “What’s Happening With Our Wedding? (Day 17 of Fall-Log-Mas)”
  1. Cian White says:

    Anyone else irish??

  2. RachelElizabeth says:

    I want wedding details!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hannah S says:

    If my boyfriend said I looked sexy to any of my brothers they would kill
    him, hahahaha

  4. Lily Carruth says:


  5. pupcakes209 says:

    I love Colleen’s shirt because I am obsessed with pandas! 

  6. max nixon says:

    Josh wants to be super skinny for his wedding, but he keeps drinking
    Starbucks. Look up how bad Starbucks is for you

  7. reedamanda814 says:

    Colleen should try cutting wheat out for a while and see if that resolves
    her tummy issues. :) 

  8. Chloe Donald says:

    Would anyone want to be friends? I want to make friends all over the world,
    where are you from? I’m from Scotland :) 

  9. Becca Fickel says:

    If every man had as much respect for women as Josh has for Colleen, the
    world would be a much nicer place! You two are such a great couple. :) 

  10. Rehana vdH says:

    Why won’t you guys come to South Africa <3 love you .#dinglmingle why won’t
    you come to South AFrica

  11. Rebecca Smith says:

    Hahaha I farted at the exact same time as Colleen did and totally thought
    it was my own fart.

  12. holly farwell says:

    I WANT A RELATIONSHIP LIKE THIS AHH :D pls reply josh. I don’t care what
    you say I just… ugh I love you

  13. Florian Hanel says:

    Am i the only one who thought: What happened to Rachel? Is she still out
    the door?

  14. Carlos Pérez says:

    Guys I love you so much, I really do, but you can’t say that you love
    animals if you eat them :(
    Don’t hate me for saying that

  15. Jasmine Rojas says:

    My teacher name is Colleen and I tell her if she knows miranda

  16. Katie Foster says:

    You never said if the documentary was good!

  17. Shau & Dar Vlogs | SDTV says:

    I have never tried starbucks …

  18. P A R A D I S E 卌 says:

    for everyy1 that keeps sayeen that josh and colleen r togethur.. NO!
    they r not! they are just youtube frends. They are not even getteen
    goodness, annoyeen peeple on youtube.

  19. Jazzified says:

    Joshleen forever!

  20. audrey productions says:

    anybody else a floridian???

  21. Anna Person says:

    I find it interesting that colleen is self conscious about not having
    makeup on but then goes and does Miranda and makes a fool of herself. Don’t
    get me wrong I think Miranda is hilarious and I love colleen it’s just
    funny to think about like she exploits herself and her looks completely on
    that channel behind that name and many people know who she is but here she
    is self concious

  22. Julia Msp says:

    Under 301 club 

  23. Ezra Jay says:

    Okay at 0:57 ish when he says Oh My God, I say it like that all the time
    and I cant figure out were I got it from. Can someone please tell me if
    this is a reference from like a show or if I’m just weird? 

  24. GamesWithBuggy says:

    Anyone else Jewish? Or German? I’m part German…

  25. mitzy4545 says:

    This is the first time I have seen a vlog video early lol

  26. shimmering2light says:

    Absolutely LOVE your use of COLOR! Thank you for sharing!

  27. MsTagestraumer says:

    Nice share! Love your drawings :) 

  28. foundandmade says:

    Love it! I really need to use my midori more. For some reason it
    intimidates me. I think it’s the blank white pages. Maybe a wash of
    watercolor like you do would help. Hmmm.

  29. Kathleen Hurley says:

    Love your drawing. I wish I could drawer like you!

  30. Shiover says:

    Книжечка в книжечке, картиночка на картиночке, цветное пятно на цветном
    пятне и смысла во всём этом – спрятаться. : / Грустно.

  31. Aimee D says:

    I love your art journal!

  32. stampingchaylina says:

    Thank you for sharing. Love your Midori, and always enjoy your flips. You
    always inspire me.

  33. MommyReporter says:

    Such a beautiful and colorful book!!! Thanks for showing and sharing with

  34. Frances Komsic says:

    So exciting loved this video!

  35. Patricia Roman says:

    Love your tattoo and your creativity. Rock on

  36. Mari Posa says:

    love it!

  37. Kathleen Hurley says:

    I wish I could draw like you, I’m trying the faux hononichi and i am
    terrible check my Instagram I would love some tips from you 

  38. TheMeriAtelier says:

    Interesting to see the draw-my-week; 

  39. Nicky Kegen says:

    Great video – love your draw your week. Good to see the grid paper in your
    BuJo xo

  40. Brenda Kerr says:

    I love the fearless creativity! I really want to do this in my Ray-dori but
    I think I’m scared of messing up the white page.

  41. Na'Tashia Daughtry says:

    So happy your making videos again

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