Will and Sonny – Wilson 3-13-14 Wedding Plans

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Days of Our Lives clips of Will and Sonny in HD, no pop up ads or watermarks. The boys meet with their mothers to discuss wedding plans.
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default Will and Sonny   Wilson 3 13 14 Wedding Plans

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11 Responses to “Will and Sonny – Wilson 3-13-14 Wedding Plans”
  1. Vatanparast says:

    che jendeyi baba bah bah

  2. sam cage says:

    They both look indian 

  3. 02Nawal says:

    He seems gay and sounds gay. 

  4. Busty bunny says:

    Very cute couple!!! And that ring or should I say “boulder” of a diamond!!!
    Wow!! What a beautiful and very lucky girl!

  5. Rasha A says:

    Too bad they broke up

  6. sunnie nie says:

    heheheh I don’t think she’s sick its just the way Lilly talk ‘ she does not
    have the cute voice like most people does 

  7. Avalanche Marketing says:

    Dhar is the Mann

  8. Kara Petersen says:

    lilly r u sick, u sound weird

  9. lanie hill says:

    dhar mann looks so black

  10. Sarrrrrrrrrrrrrra199 says:

    My favourate couple broke up, so sad :( 

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