You’ll Never Believe How This Wedding Planner Proposed!

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Jack Bermeo has helped hundreds of couples plan the happiest day of their lives and along the way, he's heard every proposal story imaginable. So, when the tables flipped, and it was his turn to ask for his longtime girlfriend Sophia's hand in marriage, the CEO of LJDJs Event Design & Entertainment in New Jersey found himself in an unusual predicament. How does a professional wedding planner pop the question in a unique way that has never been done before? 

His answer: Pull off the ultimate bait-and-switch by staging a fake wedding that's actually all for them! We're talking an 80-person guest list, DJ, flowers, a cake, the works. Jack enlists Danny and Chris to play the role of the happy grooms (they're just good friends), along with clients and business associates to act as the bridal party and parents. The couple's friends and family are in on the plan, too.

During the first dance, Jack professes his love to his unsuspecting bride-to-be and the mother of his child, but as he gets down on one knee, she exclaims, "No, you can't do this right here!" (She doesn't understand why he's stealing the newlywed couple's thunder.) When she realizes the truth, naturally, she says yes!

Watch this incredible proposal unfold:

In the video, prior to getting engaged, Sophia explains that she would have been happy with any proposal no matter what the setting was (their shower, their living room, etc.) She never expected that Jack would execute such a memorable event.

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